The National Intercollegiate Flying Association (NIFA) is an organization of colleges and universities that are either directly involved in one of the many forms of aviation education or who have a student group on campus with aviation interests.   Their primary activity is the conducting of regional and national Safety And Flight Evaluation Conferences called SAFECONs.

There are 10 regions in the united states and each region holds a meet once a year. The winners from these regional meets then advance to the Nationals.

The 99s are a major support for the NIFA meets. We provide many of the judges and other workers that make these events possible. Our International NIFA committee chairman is Jerry Anne Jurenka.

Current NIFA Calendar of Events

NOTE: Regions I, IV, VI are in the South Central Section


The South Central Section, SCS, is one of 27 sections of The International Organization of Women Pilots known as The Ninety-Nines.




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