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  • Access to the hospitality room

  • Friday Evening Welcome reception at the Emerald Beach Hotel, Kokomo sundeck overlooking the ocean

  • Business meeting Saturday morning

  • Talk2Tower seminar on Saturday

  • Banquet and guest speaker, Dr. Sheila Chamberlain



Corpus Christi International Airport
- United, American, Southwest

GA Airport

- KRBO, Robbstown/Nueces County Airport (non-towered, 100LL available 24 hr self serve, RNAV appr.). 22 miles from Emerald Beach Hotel

Sign up sheets available for transportation - Uber and Lift also available.

The Colorado Chapter encourages attendees to stay at the Embassy Suites Hotel Friday and Saturday nights to take advantage of a great opportunity to network, meet new section members, catchup with old friends and enjoy the sights of Boulder. Unbooked rooms may result in an undue financial burden on the Coloardo Chapter 

Questions About Registration?

Contact Shelby King

Check Please!

Make checks payable to:

Tip of Texas 99s

Send to:

Mary Helen Dunnam

200 Chenoweth Dr.
Corpus Christi, TX 78404-1608

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