Guest Speakers

Susan Doyle

Twin Tower Survivor

Kevin Lacey

Pilot and TV personality from

"Airplane Repo"

Texas Air Fleet

Youth Aviation Program

The notorious, bandit BELLE STARR will be your tour host for this 1-hour tour of famous outlaw sites and hangouts around old McKinney. The likes of Frank and Jesse James, Sam Bass, the Barrow Gang (Bonnie and Clyde) and others are covered on this tour. Experience the historic district in downtown McKinney on our charming trolley with a trained docent and view the architecture of the many historic homes and buildings.

Attend at your leisure

Enjoy walking the city and experiencing the small look into the history that shaped McKinney.


The South Central Section, SCS, is one of 27 sections of The International Organization of Women Pilots known as The Ninety-Nines.




4300 Amelia Earhart Road

Oklahoma City, OK 73159-1140

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