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Airshows, Fly-Ins, Rallies, Races and other Events - Air Race Classic - Australian International Airshow - International Council of Airshows - Reno Air Races - Royal International Air Tattoo - Fort Worth Alliance TX Airshow - Bahrain International Airshow - Cleveland Air Show - Farnborough Air Show - Okie Derby - Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome - Sun 'n Fun - Dayton Air Show

Aircraft  & Equipment Companies - Avionics - Fidelity Flight Simulation - Lycoming - Scott Aviation - Sequoia Aircraft Corporation

Airline Information - a website for airline routes & schedules 

Airports - Calgary, Alberta, Canada - Centennial Airport, Denver, Colorado - Denver, Colorado - Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport, Broomfield, Colorado - Tucson, Arizona

Airports - Emergency Runways

Aerobatics - International Aerobatics Club

Amelia Earhart - Amelia Earhart Birthplace Museum - Flight Across America

Aviation Communities - Spruce Creek, Florida

Aviation Type Clubs - Cessna Pilots Association - International Comanche Society - Mooney Aircraft Pilots Association - Piper Owner Society

Books - Aviation Supplies & Academics - Aviation Training Handbooks

Centennial of Flight - First Flight Society - National Memorial - Wright Brothers papers - AIAA Wright Flyer Project

Crafts (fabics,kits, how-to,etc):    

Education (also see Flight Training or Schools) - The Educated Owner Video Series - Astronomy and Space education sites - Civil Training & Services - Aviation & Space Education - Coloring books - Flight Operation System - Beau Dassault Aviation, LTD Flight Training - Flight Instructors Home Page - National Association of Flight Instructors - Race to Space - EAA's Young Eagles Program

Employment  - network in the aviation forum - aviation jobs and employment worldwide - aviation career connection - aviation information resources - worldwide air charter marketplace - airline jobs information - Ninety-Nines Career Resources - universal pilot application service - aviation hub - professional pilot director

Fear of Flying

First Flight / Wright Brothers - see Centennial of Flight

Flight Planning - Flight Information - Airguide Publications - Charts, weather, aviation database

Flight Training - Flight Training Schools - Flight Training

- Flight Challenge

Gliders - Soaring Society of America - Fly Gliders! - Mile High Gliding, Inc.

Government - Colorado Division of Aeronautics - FAA -  Civil Aviation Registry (Airmen and Aircraft)

Harriet Quimby

Helicopters - Beau Dassault Aviation, LTD Flight Training

History - Davis-Monthan Aviation Field Register - History of Flight - The History of Flight and the People Who Made it Possible

Aviation Jewelry by B & E (both GA & 99s)  - contact Dee at - Port to Port Air
        Aviation motifs in sterling silver and 14 carat gold  - Aviation Jewelry - Up in the Air Aviation Jewelry
        Aeronautical jewelry and accessories for men and women - Aviation Jewelry
        Aviation jewelry including many assorted airplane pins, tie-tacks and airplane earrings - Sky Gems, Inc
        Pins, charms and necklaces of almost every airplane you can name

Jobs (see Employment)

Katherine Stinson

Magazines - Air & Space - Flying - Northern Pilot - Pilot Publications - South West Aviator - Western Pilots' Guide

Museums - American Airpower Heritage Museum
        (Commerative Air Force) - AE Birthplace Museum - Kansas Cosmosphere & Space Center - Cradle Of Aviation - International Women's Air & Space Museum - Lafayette Foundation - Vintage Aero Flying Museum - Museum of Military Aircraft - Military Aircraft Museum Foundation - Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum - National Museum of Naval Aviation - Shearwater Aviation Museum (Canada) - P-38 National Association & Museum - Pima Air and Space Museum - Planes of Fame Museum - Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum  - San Francisco Airport Museums - Evergreen Aviation Museum - Tennessee Museum of Aviation - Virginia Aviation Museum - WarBird Air Museum  - Wings Over the Rockies - US Air Force Museum

Organizations - Aviation Distributors & Manufacturers Assoc - Aircraft Electronics Association - Aerospace Industries Association - Air Life Line - Airline Pilots Association - Aviation Maintenance Career Commission - Angel Flight - Angel Flight West - Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association - Army Aviation Heritage Foundation - Alliance for Aviation - Association for Women in Aviation Maintenance - Aviation and Women in Europe - Australian Women Pilots' Association - American Bonanza Society - Caterpillar Club - Colorado Pilots Association - Commerorative Air Force - Confederate Air Force - Corporate Angel Network - Experimental Aircraft Association - Fédération Aéronautique Internationale, FAI - Flying Musicians Association - General Aviation Manufacturers Association - AOPA - GA Serving America - International Society of Women Airline Pilots - Mooney Caravan to EAA - National Association of Flight Instructors - National Air Transportation Association - National Gay Pilots Association - P-38 National Association & Museum - Vietnam Helicopter Association - Silver Wings Fraternity - Vimy Aircraft Project - Women in Aviation - Women Fly - Women in Aviation Resource Center

Personnel Aviation Stories - Douglas Cairns - Carol Ann Garrett  - Angela & Athena Masson - Polly Vacher's Diary

Pictures - Concorde's Last Flight    

Safety - this is an interactive site on runway incursions - information from Boeing on aviation safety - National Transportation Safety Board  - Advanced Flight Concepts for the General Aviation Pilot - The TFR Check site

Scholarships - Looking Skyward - Aviation Scholarship Directory - primary instruction only at this time

Schools (also see Education) - Delta Connection - Dowling College - Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - King Schools - Redstone College-Avionics - Redstone College-A&P - Sierra Academy of Aeronautics - Western Nebraska Community College

Space - Kennedy Space Center - space and more

Stores/supplies/gifts - Aircraft Parts Supplier - AEBM gift shop - All Aviation Gear - Challenge Coins - Aviation Gifts by Ruth - Flight Suits and Recreational Wear - CAVU Companies - CheckMate Aviation - Cookie cutters - Aviation songs on CD - Embroidered shirts - The Flying Mule - collectibles - Aviation Photography  - Aviation products for your Palm Pilot - Hart Aviation - Sectional jackets - Aviation Gear and Accessories - Cookie cutters - L.C. Flight Products  - Aviation Models - Oregon Aero - Calgary Pilot Shop - Aviation Gifts - Power Puff Pilot - Desktop models, Aviation, NASA Spacecraft - Sporty's
    http://www.thespacestore - Airplane Models, Airplane Movies, Aviation Books, Military and Aviation history - Hand carved wood models - Wileman Service Aircraft & Pilot Supplies
         (Patty Wileman is a 99 in AZ) - Personalized Custom Mahogany models of any aircraft

Surveys - aviation - General aviation survey by MIT

Theater/Videos  - CHARLIE VICTOR ROMEO is a dramatic work for the stage derived entirely from the "black box" cockpit voice recorder transcripts of six major airline emergencies - stories of women aviators


Travel - Jerren Travel Services - Airport & Resort in NJ - Park West Air Tours, Grand Junction, CO

UFOs - Alien UFO research - The Center for UFO Studies - The Fund for UFO Research - Project 1947

WASPs - Women of Courage - WASPs of WWII

Weather - NOAA's National Weather Service - Aviation Camera sites - The Flying Weatherman

Wright Brothers / First Flight - see Centennial of Flight

Other websites - Abandoned and little known airfields - free detailed aeronautical information on airports and navigational aids in the USA - Aviation supplies and academics - Information for the aeronautical industry - round the world flights in light aircraft - Hangar Hotel in Fredericksburg TX - Art of Flying / Way of Zen - Flight Instructors Home Page - from Aviation Archives - Pilot Journey - online log books - about Linda Finch's World Flight - an aviation web resource - select 'Great Aviation Quotes', then 'Women Fly' - nice tool for cross country flights with fuel prices - Wings For Greyhounds - Aviation & Aerospace News

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