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Board of Directors

Stephenie Roberts, Frances Luckhart, Aileen Hummel, Carol Brackley, Elizabeth Frankowski, Jerry Anne Jurenka, Sue Osborne

The election of the Board of Directors and the Nominations Committee will be held prior to (or at) the Spring  business meeting in even numbered years.

Governor Stephenie Roberts
Vice-Governor Frances Luckhart
Secretary Aileen Hummel
Treasurer Lyn Bennett
Director Elizabeth Frankowski
Director Carol Brackley
Nominating Committee Sue Osborne, Chairman
Gloria Blank

Jerry Anne Jurenka
Past-Governor Jerry Anne Jurenka

The next election will be during the spring of 2018 and the new Board will take office at the beginning of the 2018-2020 fiscal year (June 1, 2018)


The South Central section Advisory Council consists of the Advisors appointed by the Governor. The advisors serve for two years coinciding with the term of the elected officers. 

Aerospace Education   Angela Slingluff
Aviation Legislation Jill Shockley
Aviation Scholarships Rebecca Hempel
Awards Martha Molina
Bylaws - SCS/International Beverly Stephens
Membership Kay Alley
SCS Approach Editors Ellie Block
Aileen Hummel
WebMaster Linda Horn
501(c)(3) Kris Irvin-Herron

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